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Shirts4Assholes' first video contest! We plan to do this fairly often but we will give a long deadline for this first one. The winner will be announced on Dec 15th. That will give everyone plenty of time to plan and record their best video or just have time to dig through old stuff to find one. Either way, give it your best shot. You can enter as many times as you want but you can only win one prize per person.

Be prepared because the moment this contest is over we will start another one.

Rules of the contest:

-Post video to FB page, IG, and Twitter
-Tag us in your posts and use #SFA2020
-Post links for IG and Twitter in the comments of this FB post.
-The video that gets the most FB Likes and Shares COMBINED will win.
-The video must be your own original content and meet social media community standards.

How we will conduct the contest:
We will use Facebook traffic to determine the winner. It may take us a few days to tally up all of the results. Winners will be announced on Facebook and contacted via messenger.

What do you win? Well, let us tell you.
1st place $200.00
2nd place 5 shirts, 5 AF, 5 stickers
3rd place $50 gift Certificate

All videos must meet FB community standards even if we don’t agree with them.

You must be the owner of the video content.

We forgot! All video posts on all platforms must include the following hashtag to qualify.

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